3 Alternatives to Zara

Stylenanda– Do you like designer brands, but don’t have it in you to drop $3000 on a dress? Stylenanda offers you dresses, jackets,  heels, bags and everything you can imagine for a fraction of the price. This South Korean brand found the perfect style that make their items look expensive even if it costs way less than you could imagine.

Koshka- Contrary to the misconception that this is an all US brand, it´s actually founded in Berlin in 2010. It has evolved a lot and along with that evolution is the move to Los Angeles which is now their homebase. Koshka offers prêt-à-porter articles. However, as their affordable house line of breezy tops, dresses, and accessories look like it´s an expensive tailorfit item.

Finery London– It was founded by former heads from Topshop. They just get it! We don´t want something too fancy that is not wearable! So here they are with straightforward designs. Moreover they went back to basics so expect to well-tailored pieces. All this simple designs doesn´t stop them to stand from your typical mall finds. They specialized on muted prints and graphics.


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