Sephora Bumble & Bumple

Today my review is about the Bumple & Bumple Shampoo and Condtioner:

Here are some of my favorites that I like to use:

  1. Seaweed Shampoo & Conditioner;


-I find that the Shampoo has a very mild smell to it and it is very moisturizing and also it is made with marine extracts from the great green seas as it says on the bottle.  I find that this shampoo leaves my hair feeling nourished without adding any weight; also it leaves my hair feeling lovely and clean! This Bumple & Bumple Shampoo does not leave your hair stripped-shiny and fresh. Another great thing about this product is that it feeds the roots of your hair, adds shine and keeps your scalps happy! It works with all hair types and is compatible with color-treated hair.

-On the other hand I find that the Bumple & Bumple Conditioner is made with seaweed and spirulina and this helps detangle your hair. As you will find that this Conditioner will gently detangle your hair whilst it nourishes, sorted and helps you managed your freshly washed hair! This product is ideal to use if you are a frequent bath user and this Conditioner is the best paired with seaweed Shampoo and also it is safe to use on any type of hair or color-treated hair!

2. Mending Shampoo & Conditioner;


-You will find that this Shampoo has a nice ultra-mild smell to it and the rich moisturizing cleanser for those who regularly color their hair, straighten or perm their hair. The Bumple & Bumple Mending Shampoo gently cleans and repairs damaged hair without stripping out the color like most shampoos or even wilting perms or reverting chemically straightened hair. As you already guessed this products is great for color-treated hair!

-Also the Bumple & Bumple Mending Condictioner is a repairing conditioner that does not strip color, wilting perms or chemically straightened hair. This product is also perfect to repair any damaged ends you may have and it can also be used as once-weekly hair mask to deeply hydrate and smooth your hair. If you die your hair a lot or straighten it or even perm it a lot then this conditioner with surly make your hair feel incredible all the time!

  1. The Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner;


-In my opinion this is a great Shampoo to use to thicken your hair as it is a lightweight cleanser for anyone craving fullness. This Bumple & Bumple  Thickening Shampoo builds body in the shower and gives you a fine or limp hair a little lift while moisturizing and sealing any split end you may have, it also deals for fine, thinning, limp or flyaway hair. Also this shampoo is compatible with colored treated hair!

-The Conditioner is a featherweight moisturizing and detangle with ultra-light silk fibers! The Bumple & Bumple Thickening Conditioner moisturizes, protects and separates strands to make your hair feel lovely and look fuller. It is ideal for thinning, limp or flyaway hair. You will defiantly get full results!

  1. The Surf Foam Wash Shampoo & Conditioner;


-This is fantastic clean-rinsing Shampoo that wipes out any impurities with a blend of minerals and sea botanicals that build up any body and impart a soft and smooth touch. If you are looking for a body, texture and enhanced natural waves, then this Bumple & Bumple Surf Foam Shampoo is for you! It is designed to create the best base for beach-styles and it is formulated with a infused unique body-enhancing minerals and softening sea botanicals. Also it gives a body-lift to your hair that holds in and creates a base formed elaborate up-dos and effortless, wake-up look!

-Don’t forget about the Bumple & Bumple Surf Foam Wash Conditioner that’s a lightweight and gives an impact of softened along with its unique texture.  This is the secret to that sexy matte texture that’s so essential to backstage styling. It always gives a body, lift and hold in a burry that creates a base for both up-dos hair styles and effortless!


I hope you liked my review and I recommend you try some of these out as they have a huge range of all kinds of Shampoo & Conditioner and I’m sure you will find the perfect one for you!







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