Simple ways of maximizing your perfume

I love my perfume however it is a bit pricey. I normally want to make my perfume last longer on my skin so I can make the most out of it. You don´t want the scent to evaporate in a jiffy, do you? I did try a handful of tricks that I´ve learned from a perfume connoisseur and after trying his tips it has been of great help.

It doesn´t really help to spray your perfume on your shirt. It only stains it and defeats the purpose of wearing a perfume. The scent is supposed to interact with your skin so that it can develop the tones properly. Spray it on your pulse points, dab it behind your ears, your wrists, and along your throat. These are the heat points of your body it makes your perfume last longer and smell better.

Are you aware that when you shower with warm water it opens up your pores? This is caused by the steam. The first tip is to apply your favorite scent after a warm shower. This way you will soak up your open pores with your perfume. When your pores close the scent is trapped and will last longer!

How often do we forget to moisturize our skin? Perfume on dry skin is a recipe for disaster. No matter how strong your perfume is keep in mind that it just doesn´t stick well on dry skin. Quickly moisturizing your skin can trap the scent longer that you could imagine.

A major error is to rub wrists together. Rubbing your wrists together after spraying your perfume is never going to make the scent last longer. It actually destroys the top tone of your perfume. It will eventually break up the scent it will cause it to fade quickly.

Have you tried spraying perfume on your hairbrush? If you do this and you run it through your hair then chances are every time you move your hair you´ll be able to smell your perfume.

Lastly, you need to protect your perfume! Keep it away from light and heat and that should conserve the scent even better.


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