CK One Summer: Review


Hooray for androgynous scents! The idea of unisex perfumes is that both men and women can wear them without the scent leaning towards being to masculine or feminine. The traditional masculine scent is musky, woody, with a touch of leather. While a feminine scent will lean towards floral scents. The reason why you want a unisex scent is because it doesn’t repeal the opposite sex. It´s a scent that both men and women can agree on so it´s that citrus smell that is so androgynous it´s hard to resist for both sexes. It has a meeting point between feminine and masculine notes. It´s not too sweet or flowery and it just strikes that perfect balance that you can share this with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

This is probably the best summer scents ever! The base notes include a touch of lime, mojito, ginger, and green apple. The midnotes reveal guava and some sweet citrus fruit. This is perfect for everyday use! It´s perfect for summer especially if you are looking for a scent that is fresh and fruity. The first time I put it on I had no troubles imagining this scent on the opposite sex. I guess this is the whole idea of CK. I am very happy with the base notes too as it is very long lasting. I can even smell it the next day even if I´ve already showered. Although it is a very strong point for CK one summer it can also be a downfall if you are a person who uses multiple scents .

Bottom line, it lasts long and anyone can pull this off. The price is also great. If you want value for your money then CK One Summer is the way to go!


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