Mango Winter Collection 2016 Review

Mango, the infamous Spanish high street fashion brand of the Inditex group, presented their prized collection for winter 2016. For the cold season expect a ton of wool coupled with velvet and faux leather. It was a safe collection that you can always expect from Mango. This is what this brand is all about! This comes as no surprise since they´ve always pushed for something wearable. Problem is every brand wants to see their clothes worn by fashion bloggers on the streets and this very style is being copied by other brands. Mango needs to differentiate itself a bit by adding a signature look somewhere.

For this collection Mango came up with a street style dominated by military coats with floral dresses underneath, a few preppy outfits here and there, and checkered pattern blazers. It will remind you of the upper east side of Gossip girl with the exception of motor bike jackets present in this season.

In a nutshell the collection is still wearable but rather safe. It doesn´t exactly have a cohesive theme when you first look at it. If you are looking for something scruffy, laidback, but still stylish and very chic then this might be the brand for you this season.




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