How is the CouponPilots.com experience?

www.CouponPilots.com is still one of my favorite coupon sites. I got enticed by one of CouponPilots’ ads a few months ago. Ever since that time, I think I´m hooked. I can’t stop redeeming coupons from CouponPilots. I remembered claiming a Reese’s Gift box ( Read the article I wrote about it here.) It has been a smooth couponing experience.


Here is a screenshot of CouponPilots’ login page just so you know what time I’m talking about. I have to say that the website is easy to navigate and CouponPilots has an excellent support team on standby should you need anything. Taking all of these into consideration plus the items that I claimed from them (seen below) I’ll give CouponPilots a 10 out of 10 points.

February CouponPilots offer: Super coupon for a Channel Discovery set has fifteen exquisite, preciously sized scents from Channel. I got it for free I just had to pay the shipping but it was all good.



January CouponPilots offer:  A Nail Dryer!


December CouponPilots offer: The Body Shop Travel Set. I love this!


November CouponPilots offer: Burt’s Bees Pack. I ordered 1 but they sent me 2. I didn’t know there was 1 buy take 1 small pack but yeah I´m not complaining!


Need I say more? Give CouponPilots a try!



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