Lots 2 save:

In my opinion Lots 2 Save if you are a full time manager or a store manager, in California managers only work part time and don’t actually make a whole lot’s of money for the hours they do! I mean I guess overall the pay is competitive for the area…

I am a Co-manager and full time makes great money and it pays for benefits, also you get paid for time off but you can’t actually have time off as there isn’t enough staff to cover so it’s just pointless…In retail value it’s always very hands on. So this isn’t a sit in the office kind of job you got to hustle. Their style of retail approach is extremely different.

Also there are only a few department heads and loads of employees that do every job they don’t have a specific one! Normally if you are a store manager you don’t go round pushing card and that but here you do because therE isn’t enough staff…

The technology is ancient all hand ordering. The operation is set in the 1920s grocery. This particular company is very political. It’s a lasting impression company. Prep for visits. Impress and you make the don’t impress and your fired. Hope this review is helpful from me. I have 5 years in save a lot management and 10 years total management in my career.


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